Have questions? Perhaps the following FAQ's might help. And if they don't, please,
don't be a stranger and get in touch with us

You say you don't need connectivity. Is that 100% true?

We are glad you asked. Everything will work and update with no connectivity with
one exception - the background map when selecting additional tide stations. You'll
still be able to see the different stations and add them to you favorites list, just no
map. Our suggestion? Setup you favorite list before hitting the water.

What time zone are the times displayed for?

All the times are displayed in the time zone of the corresponding station locations. So
local time for that station.

Do you support Android?

Not just yet, but very soon! Please email us and we'll let you know as soon as the
Android version is available.

Is myTide really free? What's the catch?

All the basic features are available for free - this includes setting up multiple favorites,
viewing tides, currents, sun and moon information, and even landscape view for that
day. There is a modest in-app purchase to unlock the ability to see tide details for
any other day or adjust the range of days viewed at once. After all, we need to try to
support our boating habit somehow... :-)

What countries are supported by myTide?

At the moment, myTide only supports tide information for the United States and
territories of the United States. But watch this space! We're improving the app every

Can I see the tide information for days in the future?

Yep. You can do that too. Using the handy calendar tool, you can select a range of
days you want to display when in landscape view. This is after unlocking the
calendar tool with our modest little in-app purchase of course.

Can I see my current position?

You can do that too. On the map screen when selecting a tide station you can view
your current position by hitting the "current position" icon.